Vahalla Studios
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Vahalla Studios

Located in Kansas City, Vahalla Studios is the art and design of Tad Carpenter and Dan Padavic. Vahalla Studios was created in 2005 and initially run out of the back of an auto-mechanic shop.  The studio now operates as a full service design studio and print shop with both letterpress and silkscreen capabilities. The guys print their own work and that of many other U.S. and international artists. Dan and Tad have worked on posters and projects for numerous design clients, bands and record labels. Recently working with clients such as Myspace and Rayban. Their work has been shown and exhibited around the world.  Vahalla Studios has been recognized in a number of magazines, books and many major design publications.

Dan Padavic

Graduated 2004 from the University of Kansas. Visual Communications Bachelor degree, emphasis in Graphic Design and Printmaking. Bringing years of experience as a printmaker and designer, Padavic has printed work for just about every band and musician you could care to mention. Dan prints work daily for artist such as Hydro74, Frank Chimero, Meg Hunt, Blake E. Marquis & A. Micah Smith, of course his own work and all that they do together with pal Tad Carpenter under the Vahalla Studios name. Dan’s continual attention to detail as a printer is evident in his designs that show strong examples of typography mixed with unexpected compositions.

Tad Carpenter

With experience as an Art Director, Designer and Illustrator, Carpenter has created work for clients including Target, Chronicle Books, Atlantic Records, Simon & Schuster, and Anorak Children’s magazine to name a few. Besides making posters and print work under the studio name Vahalla Studios with pal Dan Padavic he also creates illustration/design work at Tad loves to draw, paint and doodle. He brings those mediums into his work as he continues to combine fun whimsical illustration with modern design sensibilities.