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Our Story

Vahalla Studios is a full service, flat-stock screen printing and letterpress studio located in North Kansas City, Missouri. We have been printing for clients both large and small since 2006. Creating works for such clients as DKNG, Ty Mattson Creative, Draplin Design Company, Tad Carpenter, Josh Emrich, Acme Archives, Gallery 1988, Hero Complex Gallery, Grey Matter Art, Godmachine, Dan Mumford, Rayban, Myspace, Ralph-Lauren, Zynga, Warner Bros. Music, Disney Music, John Mayer, and Conan O’Brien to name a few.

We love working with artists, designers, illustrators, and creatives of all experience levels. We have experience with officially licensed vendors and agencies of all sizes. If you have a project that you would like to get started on, drop us a line and let’s get to work!


We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality flatstock printing available. In order to do so, we combine up-to-date equipment with an extensive knowledge of ink, paper, techniques, and color mixing, all paired with the best pre-press and customer service in the industry. We can handle orders from 50 units to thousands, and can print as many colors as you can dream up! If you are a seasoned vet, feel free to fill out a quote request to get your project moving. If you are a novice, or just have questions about the process, we suggest reading through our FAQ page.

Screen Printing



The world of letterpress printing opens up a variety of finishes and capabilities beyond just a printed piece of paper. Die cutting, foil stamping, perforating and scoring can all be used to convert your project into something special. Greeting cards, wedding invitations, and business cards that make a statement, are some of the most popular items created here. Letterpress projects tend to be more complex because there are numerous variables. If you know what you’re after, please fill out a quote request. If you have questions or need more information, click here to learn more.


Custom Projects

Occasionally projects require multiple print techniques combined with other sources or materials in order to come to life. We love tackling custom projects. Whether it’s packaging for a craft beer, a gift box for clients, or a unique stationery set, don’t hesitate to contact us to see what we can do together!