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Our Studio

Vahalla Studios is a full service, flat-stock screen printing and letterpress studio located in North Kansas City, Missouri. We pride ourselves on being a design-focused print shop, using our skills, background, and unmatched customer service to guide clients both large and small through the print process.


Dan Padavic

Dan has been at the helm of Vahalla Studios since it’s inception in 2006. He graduated from the University of Kansas in 2004 with a degree in Visual Communications with an emphasis in Graphic Design. His work incorporates the knowledge and hand of a printmaker, combined with the sensibilities of a graphic designer.

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Our Crew


Dustin Williams

Dustin is Dan’s right-hand man. Graduating from the University of Central Missouri in 2010 with an emphasis in both Printmaking and Design, he spent years on the press floor running our poster presses. Now he brings that knowledge to managing our studio and art prep department. Outside of Vahalla, he helps run his own roadside attraction, Wonder Fair’s “Famous” Haunted Bathroom.


Kristopher Martin

Kristopher is a printmaker, illustrator, and designer who has been with Vahalla since 2015. He studied illustration at the Kansas City Art Institute where he received a B.F.A in Illustration. Kristopher manages daily operation on the print floor, bringing with him an eye for detail and a passion for high-craft printing. In addition to his work at Vahalla, Kristopher continues to develop his illustrative work through his personal brand Arcane Path.


Perry Misloski

Perry is a designer living in North Kansas City who joined the Vahalla team in 2017. He is a 2013 graduate from Southwest Baptist University with a degree in Commercial Art. Perry brings with him a love for film and pop culture, along with experience in video production. Apart from Vahalla, he enjoys illustrating, collaging and dabbling in music production.


Jess Bonniwell

Jess graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute Illustration Department in 2018. A St. Louis native, and a big nerd, he fills his time outside of the shop with with freelance and poster illustration projects. He’s one of our A+ press assistants, where he works every day to hone his craft.


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Vahalla Studios, LLC
805 E. 13th Ave.
North Kansas City, MO 64116
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Meetings and press checks are by appointment only.

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