Terms & Conditions

Vahalla Studios strives to bring the highest quality screen printing & letterpress services to our customers. In order to do so we have established the following terms to give you the best results.


All jobs must be initiated with a quote request. Our terms and conditions must be agreed to before we will send a price to you and that process is completed in the quote request section of either the screen printing or letterpress portions of our website.

Turnaround Time

Standard turnaround time for screen printed goods is 2-3 weeks, or 10-15 business days from the receipt of approved art and payment. Normal turnaround time for letterpress goods typically takes a little longer and varies between 2-4 weeks from receipt of approved art and payment. The variable of our work load may also affect scheduling of a job, therefore, we will supply turnaround time and delivery with the quote after a request is submitted. If quotes are not approved in a timely manner (1-2 business days) turnaround times will be extended accordingly. All turnaround times cannot be and are not guaranteed. All turnaround times are subject to the many variables associated with the handmade process. We pride ourselves on completing projects in a timely and accurate manner in regards to your requests.

Rush Fees

If a job is needed sooner than our normal turnaround time, rush fees may be charged according to how quickly the job needs be completed. This can range anywhere from 10-30%, and is at the discretion of Vahalla Studios LLC.


All projects must be paid in full prior to shipment of the final product. Jobs with a total invoice below $500.00 US must be paid in full to secure production position on our print schedule. Projects over $500.00 US will require a 50% deposit to secure the production time, and the remaining 50% is due to before the job leaves our facility. If a job falls into a rush scenario payment in full is required on all rush orders. We do operate on net terms with clients who qualify for such production. Please inquire to info@vahallastudios.com to discuss these details.

Color Matching

To make the process of color matching easier, we ask that our clients supply Solid Uncoated Pantone numbers for reference. Pantone books can vary from party to party due to age and use. This may cause some variation in color matching, but please remember that this is a hand made process and requires the craft, skill and experience of the pressman. We have years of experience mixing colors, but in the end this is still a process that relies on human interaction. Colors are “references” for a reason and cannot be guaranteed to match 100%. If a client is requesting color(s) be matched to previous runs, we will do our absolute best to do so. If a specific color is required to span multiple projects we ask that information be relayed to us as early as possible in the process. Please note that printing on colored paper can greatly effect the look and appearance of the ink. We will do our best to discuss any concerns we would have with such setups.


We use UPS as our default carrier. We package orders to a very high standard to avoid any damage during transit. It should be understood that accidents and delays do happen. We cannot control delivery peoples’ actions, nor can we control the weather or traveling conditions. If damage occurs, please inspect the package immediately upon arrival and contact us immediately so we can submit a damage claim. In the quote request section there is an option to add insurance to your delivery. If we do not add insurance a claim will likely be denied. If you select the add insurance box, shipping prices will be adjusted accordingly.

Clients will receive notifications through UPS. We will put your email address that is supplied in your quote request into the tracking option. Please make sure that the email notifications have not gone into your spam as this is commonly the case when people ask us for a tracking number.

Since we are located in the middle of the country, the longest ground shipment we experience is 3-4 business days. Your delivery time will be on the tracking information that you will receive in the emails from UPS.


Vahalla Studios has the right to change pricing and price jobs accordingly at any time without notice.


Vahalla Studios LLC has the right to refuse business to anyone. Not all quote requests submitted will turn in to jobs. We reserve the right to take on work or not. Our letterpress machines are over 60 years old so please have patience if we experience a plate breakage or equipment failure during production. We put forth our best effort to make sure your job is completed accurately and in a timely manner.